Deputy Soto Rojas: Popular consciousness resumes the path of leadership and integration of the peoples

“The leadership and the Bolivarian Doctrine is synthesized in the texts of El Libertador, who with basic and specific guidelines highlight the construction of the Republic and democracy,” said the deputy of the National Assembly (AN), Fernando Soto Rojas.

Likewise, he affirmed that 200 years later things have changed, and the conscience of the people has matured; and it is that thanks to Commander Hugo Chávez “we resumed the course lost in 1830, and we are currently marking a path of leadership, integration and union of the peoples.”

The statements were issued by Rojas, during his participation in the program In the air, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, where he explained that in these times, in order to be strengthened, integration mechanisms need to permanently discuss on an equal footing, democratically and without hegemonism.

“The Liberator Simón Bolívar had an understanding of the central elements of local and world geopolitics, there was no other patriot with his extraordinary strategy, to fight for the Independence of Venezuela”, mentioned the deputy Fernando Soto Rojas, while stressing that the Chavismo has to fight hard against bureaucracy and corruption.

“As long as scarcity exists and the mercantile economy circulates, there is the possibility of corruption. It is unforgivable that there are corrupt people within the Revolution, the ethical and moral principles of El Libertador Simón Bolívar are categorical, and we must focus there,” said Rojas.


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