Deputy Soto for President Boric’s statements on the “redundancy” of the entry plebiscite in the event of the Rejection’s triumph: “No one can impose their position”

The President of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies, Raul Soto (PPD), addressed this Monday the statements of the President Gabriel Boric on post-plebiscite scenarios. The President pointed out that “it would be redundant” to repeat a new entry plebiscite to continue with the constitutional process, in case the Rejection triumphs. Although Soto shared that opinion, he disagreed with the ways to carry it out, indicating that a “political agreement” is required.

“Some believe that the constitutional process must continue and a new Convention must be chosen. Others speak of the possibility of a new entry plebiscite. What is relevant here is that no one can impose their position. A transversal political agreement is going to be required here,” said deputy Soto.

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“I share the opinion of the President of the Republic, but the fact that I have the same opinion as him does not mean that we can impose it on the rest. And that means that there must be an enabling political agreement, which through a constitutional reform, sets the rules of the game with respect to that body”, added the president of the Lower House.

“If we agree on what the body is and what the rules of the game of that body are, for example, extending the legitimacy of the entry plebiscite that we already experienced and where 80% of Chileans said they wanted a democratically elected and we set the rules of this new democratically elected Convention, there would probably be room to cross-validate the possibility that there is no entry plebiscite”, he continued.

However, he maintained that “this is something that is under discussion and must be settled.”

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