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Deputy Mirosevic (PL) presented a proposal for sanctions to “impose order and respect” in the Chamber

The legislator of the Liberal Party (PL) and president of the Chamber of Deputies, Vlado Mirosevic, has presented a proposal to financially penalize parliamentarians who arrive late to their duties and for other breaches of order during sessions. The measure seeks to “impose order, respect and guarantee the normal development” of the sessions in the Chamber of Deputies.

The proposal includes modifications to the regulations, among which the power of the president of the Chamber to request the help of the Police in case of manifest crimes in the Session Room stands out. This power was previously used in incidents carried out by protesters who disturbed a legislative debate, but now it can also be used in the chamber to control extreme situations carried out by the legislators themselves, such as attacks.

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The proposal has been criticized by the bench of National Renewal (RN) deputies, who consider that it violates the current Constitution by proposing sanctions such as the suspension of 100% of the diet or the use of the floor for 30 days. There is also concern about the sanctions that imply fines of up to 100% of the monthly allowance of parliamentarians.

Mirosevic’s proposal also includes the classification of behaviors such as “getting up from the assigned desk to go to another deputy’s desk” and “putting offensive posters on the desks” as breaches of order. Legislators who arrive late or leave the room when they have already marked their attendance may also be considered as violating parliamentary ethics duties.

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