Deputy Cuéllar links Gerardo García with an Argentine drug trafficker and splashes Evo and the MAS

The complaint launched by the substitute deputy, Rolando Cuéllar (MAS), against the vice president of this party, Gerardo García, It ended up splashing the masista structure and the leader of the force, former president Evo Morales.

“As vice president of the National Directorate of MAS-IPSP, from our president Evo Morales Aymaand the national leadership and all its leaders of the MAS-IPSP thank our brother, Miguel Ángel Salazar Yavi, for the great economic contributions that it has been making, since the 2014 elections until nowbecause thanks to your generous contribution we were able to solve our campaign in different electoral stages since 2014”, indicates part of the letter that Cuéllar read before the journalists.

In February 2019, the government of Evo Morales arrested Salazar Yavi, whose real name is José Miguel Farfána well-known Argentine drug trafficker who was delivered by Bolivia to that country, after being apprehended in the city of Santa Cruz.


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