Deputy Commissioner Yesenia Pineda, warns that children can receive some mistreatment through technological means

Deputy Commissioner Yesenia Pineda, head of the Police for Children and Adolescents, provided recommendations to parents to prevent their children from suffering abuse.

He expressed that lately there are many children and adolescents being abused and not only physical, there is also the psychological and emotional, which are the ones that affect the most, in addition to sexual abuse.

He stressed that as parents, you must have these alerts, “knowing why our children sometimes behave in a strange way overnight, whether they come from school or where they are cared for. One or otherwise we have to be aware of them; talk, talk every day with our children to find out if they are being subjected to some kind of mistreatment”.

He added that “bullying” in schools is very strong and if we have a child with a situation different from what is happening, that can have consequences, even death.

Pineda also referred to technological devices, stating: “They (children) can also receive some mistreatment through technological means. Sometimes they open accounts on social networks and minors are not supposed to have them, they can bribe them.”

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