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Deputy calls for the resignation of the departmental commander of Santa Cruz for brutal police repression against protesters

December 31, 2022, 20:15 PM

December 31, 2022, 20:15 PM

The deputy for Creemos, Marioly Morón, demanded this Saturday (December 31) the immediate resignation of the departmental commander of Santa Cruz, Colonel Jhonny Omar Bascopé Chávezafter the last police repression that took place this day and on the eve against protests by demonstrators demanding the release of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho.

Parliamentarian’s statements They occurred when he was participating, together with other assembly members, authorities from the Santa Cruz Governor’s Office, and the citizens, in a self-convened march that started from the departmental entity and tried to reach the departmental Command front, but they were received by the hundred uniformed with tear gas.

Police violent action It left as a balance several people affected by the chemical agent, among them the president of the Departmental Legislative Assembly, Zvonko Matkovic, the assembly member Paola Aguirre and the assembly member Keila García.

Morón maintained that the Bolivian Police lost its constitutional role of protecting citizenssince they have decided to obey the political power.

“Obeying the governmental political power orders were given to the police to commit acts of terrorismcriminal acts, encouraging confrontation and not protecting the citizen”, criticized the deputy.

In turn, he asked the people of Santa Cruz defend the governor of Santa Cruz before his imprisonment in Chonchocoro for the Coup I case. He said that with the determination of justice, the rule of law was violated, democracy and the independence of powers were lost.

After the operation carried out by agents of the Los Lobos group, which belongs to the GIOE intelligence command of the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (Felcn), for the apprehension of Camacho, neither the commander Jhonny Bascopé nor the departmental prosecutor Róger Mariaca, came out to show their faces at the request of the media in view of the tense moments that the department is experiencing that left as a result the destruction in the Prosecutor’s Office and the apprehension of 42 young people.

In a brief statement, the Police reported that the crimes being investigated They are destruction and deterioration of State assets and national wealth, Public incitement to commit a crime, criminal association, impeding and hindering the exercise of functions, attack against the security of public services.

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