Deputies advances with several projects to debate them in the venue last week of June

Deputies will deal with the Automotive Law and the Biotechnology Law

Deputies will seek to meet on Tuesday.

The ruling party of the Chamber of Deputies will seek to meet next Tuesday to debate a set of economic issues, including the Automotive Law and Biotechnologywithin the framework of the last plenary session of the Lower House before the winter recess.

It is a set of issues related to production and industry, most of them with consensus, that the ruling party hopes to debate next Tuesday in a special session convened for 13.

The call was made official this Friday by the Frente de Todos (FdT) bloc, chaired by Germán Martínez, and will in fact be the last before the recess in which the lower house will enter for the winter holidays.

Although both the opposition and the ruling party analyzed the possibility of meeting last week separately and with different agendas, that call was postponed and finally the plenary will take place on Tuesday with the debate of a set of initiatives that do not generate major difficulties.

It is that the parity between the two great blocks of the lower house – the FdT with 118 deputies and Together for Change (JxC) with 116 – forces to agree with the opposition so that the opinions that arrive at the chamber meet with strong consensus.

the agenda

In the first place, the agenda that the ruling party will seek to bring to the precinct on Tuesday included the Automotive Law, which declares the auto parts sector strategic and which received an opinion on Thursday in a plenary session of commissions with the support of all parliamentary blocs.

The Automotive Law declares the autoparts sector strategic
The Automotive Law declares the auto parts sector strategic.

The call also included as a central theme the project for the Promotion, Development and Production of Modern Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, which plans to extend the validity of the tax benefits regime until 2034 and extends its scope to activities that incorporate nanotechnology.

It also contemplates an initiative approved by the Senate, which ensures patient access to comprehensive benefits on palliative care, in the public, private and social security spheres, as well as support for families.

Likewise, the request included the bill that seeks to protect marine diversity through the creation of a Benthic Marine Protected Area in the area known as the Blue Hole and the initiative that declares the prevention and control of Antimicrobial Resistance of national public interest. .

Nevertheless, the ruling party did not include in this plenary session the Buy Argentine projectin which there are differences between the FdT and JxC, because it is a subject in which there is no agreement to take it to the venue.

Nor does it contemplate the project that creates a National Fund, made up of the recovery of “fugitive” dollars, to pay the IMF, which has half a sanction from the Senate, because the ruling party does not yet have the votes and will continue to seek greater consensus around to the initiative.

The project for the Promotion and Development and Production of Modern Biotechnology and Nanotechnology
The project for the Promotion and Development and Production of Modern Biotechnology and Nanotechnology.

In this situation, there is also the emergency project in the transport of the interior -which brings to an amount of 59,500 million pesos the resources of the Compensatory Fund-.

Meanwhile, there is still no date to discuss the reform of the Rental Law, since neither the ruling party nor the opposition have the votes to approve their respective opinions on the floor.

The Chamber of Deputies met for the last time on June 15, where it approved a set of economic, cultural and political projects, including tax relief for more than four million monotributistas and self-employed, promoted by the FdT, tax benefits for cultural industries ; the creation of national parks and another to promote the training of officials in relation to the Malvinas cause.

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