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Deputies propose to create a fund for works with resources from the three levels of government

Deputies propose to create a fund for works with resources from the three levels of government

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Newspaper La Jornada
Saturday, October 8, 2022, p. 6

The Infrastructure Commission of the Chamber of Deputies proposed yesterday to create a National Fund for Cooperation Works in the face of complaints from legislators of all parties because the project of the Expenditure Budget of the Federation for 2023 includes a very small bag to build highways and municipal projects, while increasing resources will be channeled to the great works of the federal government.

The approach was delivered to the Budget Commission and considers that the three levels of public administration provide money for road infrastructure and other local projects.

Reginaldo Sandoval, of the Labor Party, explained that part of the required resources could be obtained if the 2023 Revenue Law sets the estimate of the price of a barrel of oil at one dollar more than that proposed by the Executive, to remain at 69.7 dollars. . By increasing this variable, oil revenues would rise by 13 thousand 116 million pesos.

As president of the Infrastructure Commission, he pointed out that the members of this instance reached a consensus that the fund must be subject to operating rules that allow the concurrence of economic resources from the three levels of government.

He also stated that despite the fact that spending on infrastructure has increased, the country’s needs are numerous. Of a thousand projects received in this Legislature, more than 70 percent have been for the highway network, he stressed.

The executives of the three levels of government have stated that they do not have sufficient resources to pay for a complete project, but they could contribute a part.

The president of the Budget and Public Account Commission, Erasmo González Robledo (Morena), promised to analyze the proposal starting next week. October 20 is the deadline for the Revenue Law to be approved.

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