Deputies postpone libel against Miguel Godoy

The Chamber of Deputies was unable to hold its extraordinary session scheduled for yesterday due to lack of a quorum. On the day he had to deal with two accusatory libels for a political trial against Miguel Godoy, ombudsman. Some official Colorados and the entire Chartist caucus were the absentees who made the treatment impossible.

According to the internal regulations of the Chamber of Deputies, the processing of political trials must be carried out in person. Only 35 deputies were in the room, with 41 being necessary (half plus one of those present). Similarly, the Chartist bench made up of 25 legislators was in Congress with the aim of entering as a last resort in case the minimum number of people were present.

The deputies who signed the libel were Renato and Tito Ibarrola, Eusebio Alvarenga, Carlos López, Celeste Amarilla, Norma Camacho, Kattya González, Sebastián Villarejo, Sebastián García, Rocío Vallejo, Hugo Ramírez, Fernando Oreggioni, Juan Ayala, Ariel Villagra, Teófilo Espínola, Emilio Pavón and Rodrigo Blanco.

Kattya González, national deputy for the PEN, affirmed that they are going to respect the times for the treatment in the form of the project. “The room for maneuver that the Chamber has is null, we are not doing it for the votes. We understand that today a signal is given and respect the times that colleagues ask for to better analyze the issue, I am referring to the ruling party and those of ‘Honor Colorado’. We are going to respect that they make their evaluations, ”she commented.

The Chartist caucus promised to study the request. González stressed that if the “Honor Colorado” caucus wanted to file the project, they could have already done so in the session that was not held.


Miguel Godoy already has several records of conduct that is not appropriate for a high-ranking public official. A year ago, he was accused by Deputy Celeste Amarilla of harassing an official. In addition, he has a history of misogyny, after attacking Cecilia Pérez, Minister of Justice, during a riot in the Tacumbú prison in February of last year. Also, several dismissed officials accuse him of labor persecution. Even Carlos Vera Bordaverry, former deputy defender, denounced him for physical assault in mid-July, this for allegedly having used the Godoy parking lot.

The latest questions that revolve around Godoy focus on a video recorded by the same defender where he is heard describing Kattya González as “clumsy” for the arguments cited in the accusatory libel that seeks to remove him via impeachment. “A notary will make a record of all the stupid things that she is going to say and after that we will promote a civil lawsuit and a criminal complaint, no matter if it lasts 10 years. But those G. 9,000 million that she has in her estate I’m going to take out. I’m going to work on that lawsuit as the demand of my life. I’m going to beat them in all three instances, I’m too much of a lawyer for them”, he commented. This was denounced by González during the last ordinary session of the Chamber of Deputies.

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