Deputies of the Chilean-Israeli interparliamentary group condemn the Government’s “offense” to ambassador Gil Artzyeli

A group of deputies belonging to the Chilean-Israeli interparliamentary group wrote a letter condemning the “insult” caused to the Israeli ambassador in Chile, affirming that it is “an unprecedented snub that boycotts bilateral relations between the two countries.”

The letter was signed by Miguel Ángel Calisto, president of said instance, Hotutiti Teao, Daniel Lilayu, Luis Fernando Sánchez, Miguel Mellado, Rubén Darío Oyarzo, Juan Fuenzalida, Francisco Undurraga, Andrés Jouannet, Roberto Arroyo, Cristian Labbé Marta Bravo, Eric Aedo , Gustavo Benavente, Gloria Naveillan, Cristhian Moreira, José Miguel Castro, Christian Matheson, Gastón Von Mühlenbrock, Eduardo Durán and Álvaro Carter.

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The letter states that “we condemn the offense against Ambassador Gil Artzyeli, Israel’s ambassador to Chile, due to the unprecedented suspension of his credentials presentation ceremony at La Moneda Palace.”

“In an unprecedented snub to the authorities and representatives of other Nations, President Boric boycotts bilateral relations, improvising a decision at a time when the Ambassador was in the Foreign Ministry, waiting to be part of the credential delivery ceremony, along with diplomats from other countries,” the document states.

In addition, they affirm that “it is the duty of the Government of Chile and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to safeguard the foreign relations of our country. Our country must ensure that we build bridges between nations, not generate greater divisions. Situations like these show a deep contempt for the friendship of more than 70 years between Chile and Israel”.

Finally, they indicate that “we demand the corresponding apologies and request the Government of Chile, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to rectify this situation and take the corresponding measures.”

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