Deputies of Cabildo Abierto propose to repeal the law that eliminated the Expiration Law

Six deputies from Cabildo Abierto signed a bill to enter Parliament to repeal No. 18831, approved in 2011, which re-established the State’s punitive claim for crimes committed by the civic-military dictatorship for considering them against humanity. Thus, according to the document you accessed The Observerif they achieved the necessary adhesions, they would repeal the law that repealed the expiration law.

The law that would remain in force in that case is the one enacted in December 1986, which indicated that “the exercise of punitive claims by the State with respect to crimes committed up to March 1, 1985 has expired.”

The project is promoted by the lobbying deputy Carlos Testa, although it also bears the signature of his co-religionists, Nazmi Camargo, Elsa Capillera, Silvana Pérez Bonavita, Rafael Menéndez and Willman Caballero.

In the statement of reasons, where the need for this law must be substantiated, Testa wrote that the objectives are “comply with the mandate issued from the polls resulting from the referendum” of 1989 and the plebiscite of 2009. On those occasions, Uruguayan citizens voted for the validity of the expiration law. In the referendum, 57% voted for it to be maintained and in the plebiscite it was close to 52%.

This is not the first time that Cabildo Abierto has tried to go for the elimination of the law that repealed the expiration law. In 2020, with the government just beginning, Guido Manini Ríos himself tried to do his thing from the Senate. Later in 2021, he left it aside for not having obtained allies in other parties. Now Testa is trying again, this time from the Chamber of Deputies.

In a message that he spread, he pointed out that the rest of the deputies of the bench did not sign it for a matter of “time and distance”, but the project is shared by all. Legislators, it’s now or never! It is time to clean the wound inflicted on our Democracy 12 years ago, by disobeying the popular mandate through an infamous interpretative law. ALL the democrats at that time shouted their opposition to this outrage, the current President of the Republic among the first to do so… Today they have the opportunity to honor his word and demonstrate that this cry was not sold to false stories “, he expressed.

“Citizens will know who supports it and who does not. They will know who promotes it in the Commission and who stops it, and also, in case it remains in a drawer, who allows it to be so. No representative of the people can be left without a position on the matter . Uruguay needs more than ever to return to the strictest democratic principles. The first of all is the indisputable obedience to the mandate of the people at the polls. WE KNOW HOW TO FULFILL !!!”, he closed.

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