Deputies: impossible to comply with the order of the TEPJF on the election of INE directors

Deputies: impossible to comply with the order of the TEPJF on the election of INE directors

The meeting will be the day after the start of the regular session and “a respectful dialogue” will be sought, reported the coordinator of the Morena deputies, who said that after the meeting it will be decided how to proceed with the sentence.

“On February 2 we are inviting them to come, hopefully they will. It’s going to be respectful, it’s going to be high-level, so that between the 2nd and 10th we have a preliminary draft of how to process both the sentences, their modifications, the integration of the committee. And that on February 14, already endorsed by the Plenary, determined the political and legal path, we can start the process ”, he explained.

The sentence, affirmed the deputy Leonel Godoy, vice coordinator of Morena, “invades the sovereignty of the legislature and cannot force the plenary session of the House to abide by that resolution.”

The sentence of discord

On December 23, the Superior Chamber revoked the call for the selection process of four INE directors and ordered the Chamber of Deputies to correct it mainly on three points.

These are: eliminate the participation of the Jucopo –which is made up of the leaders of the benches– in two moments of the work of the Technical Evaluation Committee (CTE), which must have autonomy to analyze the profiles and must only send it four quintets; provide that one of them will be exclusive to elect the president of the INE and give guarantees that directors will be elected at parity.

According to the parliamentary coordinators, the order was given to the plenary session of the Chamber -which is the one that must approve the call- and not to the Jucopo, and the TEPJF cannot place itself above the sovereignty of the legislative plenary session and order it how to vote.

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