Deputies freeze until February the selection process of 4 INE directors

Deputies freeze until February the selection process of 4 INE directors

In the Jucopo session it was agreed that since the sentence was addressed to the plenary session of the Chamber and “there is still time”, the stages of integration and installation of the Technical Evaluation Committee (CTE) of director profiles will remain sub judgedeclared the leader of Morena, Ignacio Mier.

“All the stages included both in the call and in the integration process of the CTE are suspended,” he said.

“If we take into account that the Chamber is going to meet on February 3, we still have 58 days, when before that type of process took 42 to 46 days,” he said.

Mier Velazco reported that the Chamber unanimously agreed to initiate a “legal route” that could range from constitutional controversy to amparo or even “political trial” against the members of the TEPJF for exceeding their powers and “systematically violating” the Constitution, with its resolutions. such as the one that ordered him to modify his call for the selection of the four INE directors who will leave office on April 4.

At the beginning of December, by unanimous vote, the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies approved the call for the election process of four electoral advisers for the period 2023-2032.

A few days later, the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary (TEPJF) partially revoked the call for the election of four directors and ordered the Chamber of Deputies to modify it.

On March 27, the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) must bring to the Board of Directors the four quintets of the best-evaluated aspiring INE directors.

The Chamber of Deputies must approve on March 28 by a qualified majority, the four INE councilors for the period from April 4, 2023 to April 3, 2032.

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