Deputies expelled from CD present an appeal before the TE. ‘We know that here we are going to be heard and released’

The disciplinary process against 15 dissident deputies of the Cambio Democrático (CD) party came to an end last Friday, August 5, with the fixing of Edict No.21-22 at the headquarters of the Court of Honor and Discipline of said group.

By this means, the Resolution of the Board of Directors was notified that confirmed the decision of expulsion, revocation of mandate and treason that had been taken by the Court of Honor last month.

After the publication of the edict, the group of deputies had a period of 10 days to present their challenge before the offices of the Electoral Court (TE), so this Wednesday, August 17, they went to the entity to comply with this procedure.

The prosecutor of Cambio Democrático, Raúl Andrade, who also went to the headquarters of the TE, considered that the unilateral interpretations of the party leadership have definitively violated the electoral law and as a first guarantee for the electoral period, it will be forced to put processes on track. to guarantee the internal participation of CD deputies.

He indicated that after this presentation the TE does not have a defined term. “There are two days of transfer from the date that he admits, once a magistrate is assigned to us and we hope that the Electoral Court will correct this wrong that contaminates electoral justice in an accelerated manner,” he remarked.

He explained that this appeal suspends the effects of the expulsion and must be followed up with the magistrates of the TE; they can decide at the time of admission and can define the decision. This is the last instance in the electoral jurisdiction, the rest would be extraordinary resources.

It is important to point out that the Electoral Court will only see the issue of revocation, since it is an internal disciplinary process and article 448 of the Electoral Code only speaks of revocation and not of expulsion.

For her part, deputy Yanibel Ábrego, upon her arrival at the TE headquarters, said that all her colleagues who were expelled along with her, dressed in black. “We are in mourning, Cambio Democrático is in mourning for the decision made by the president of the party, Rómulo Roux, not to go to the elections with us and simply violated all due process. Today the 15 of us are with our lawyers asking the Electoral Court for justice We know that here we are going to be heard and freed from that absurd process that Rómulo Roux set up against 15 deputies because of the fear he has of facing this political power that we represent at the polls,” he commented.

He added that this fight is not only of the 15 dissident deputies but the fight of the bases and the membership of Cambio Democrático that aspires to come to power in 2024. “This is the representation of the people, because we represent the population, the true interests of the population, better employment, better quality of life. Rómulo is not interested in that, he is only interested in his personal interest, coming to power at whatever cost, and that is why he expelled 15 deputies arbitrarily, illegally and ambitiously. , and today we are presenting the appeal before the Electoral Tribunal with our lawyers,” he said.

Ábrego, who referred to the protesters who were on the TE premises, argued that this is the CD membership that does not want Rómulo Roux and that today they are demanding justice before the party and the Electoral Court.

“We are sure that the Court will act in strict law and will respect due process, there is no legal way that we can lose this before the Electoral Court, our rights were violated in the Democratic Change party due to desperation and excessive ambition of Rómulo Roux, here the magistrates are going to work strictly according to the law and are going to do justice to 15 deputies”, assured the deputy.

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