Deputies endorse ex-governor Carlos Joaquín González as ambassador to Canada

Deputies endorse ex-governor Carlos Joaquín González as ambassador to Canada

When appearing before the legislators, Carlos Joaquín González assured that the presence of Mexico in Canada is of the utmost importance and will be a “substantive factor in the work agenda that will be deployed in that country.”

The former governor said that the dynamism of the bilateral relationship, after the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement, has made it possible to expand the capacity for government dialogue and collaboration in the business, academic and cultural sectors.

In order to increase trade and investment exchanges, it is essential to give the necessary importance to the joint action of the consular network, agriculture, economy and tourism, he explained.

The former president stressed the value of continuing the promotion and positioning of Mexican companies in Canadian markets.

“The embassy and the consular network should promote the study and research of binational relations aimed at promoting the productive chain, the reduction in the costs of exchanges and the development of knowledge and skills in a low carbon economy,” he said.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has stressed that he has a good relationship with the governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín.

Paredes highlights Mexico-Canada relationship

The Second Permanent Commission approved with 11 votes in favor, 5 against and no abstentions, the opinion that ratifies the proposal of the head of the Federal Executive on the appointment of Carlos Joaquín González.

The president of the instance, Senator Beatriz Paredes Rangel (PRI), said that for years Mexico and Canada have built a close relationship based on friendship and the common aspirations for progress and well-being of two peoples, who not only share geographical proximity in the northern hemisphere of the American Continent, but rather belonging to regional and international forums of the greatest importance.

For example, he said, the Summit of North American Leaders, to be held in Mexico next week, where the United States will “dialogue and establish greater cooperation mechanisms in areas such as security, trade, economic relations, and the environment.” , with the purpose of creating a more integrated, sustainable and competitive economy of the North American region”.

In the bilateral sphere, he added, Mexico is Canada’s third most important trading partner, behind only the United States and China. He specified that Canada is one of the most important sources for the Mexican tourism sector and enormously important in attracting foreign direct investment for job creation in the country.

He highlighted the temporary migration program, with which thousands of Mexicans move to Canada every year to work in agricultural and fishing activities, with previously established contracts, guaranteed social benefits and under labor conditions established with certainty, certainty and favorable.

Senator Paredes Rangel argued that for these reasons the presence of a vigorous, active and efficient Mexican embassy in Canada is very important. “We hope that this performance is consistent with the profile of who we are analyzing today.”

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