Deputies denounce Édgar Salazar for taking over the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights

Deputies denounce Édgar Salazar for taking over the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights

June 2, 2023, 5:15 PM

June 2, 2023, 5:15 PM

The deputies Luciana Campero and Luisa Nayar, together with the lawyer of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (APDHB), Carmen Arista, filed a criminal complaint against Édgar Salazar with the Public Ministry for the crime of home invasion. Salazar was identified as one of the leaders of the Apdhb takeover, which occurred this Friday morning in the city of La Paz.

Salazar represents a parallel organization and related to the Governmentwhich uses the same name: Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia.

“It is an office that provides a public service to all people who need protection of human rights. And, it cannot be possible that, in collusion, people of the Movement Toward Socialism together with people from the Ministry of Government, with police guard, have entered this house with violence, with deceit, threatening and intimidating a person of legal age, who is protected by the Political Constitution of the State and by the laws,” he said. Camper.

For his part, Nayar questioned that the Police are -supposedly- on the side of those who raided the offices of the Apdhb.

“We have seen that in the morning a police contingent of about 70 troops has been deployed, They are guarding and protecting the integrity of those who would have committed this crime (the seizure of the offices),” Nayar said, adding that they had information that, supposedly, those who raided the offices took documentation and property from that institution.

“This is a totally reprehensible fact, it is the very clear sign that the Movimiento Al Socialismo seeks to legalize the illegal. The Bolivian Police, having found these characters committing the crime in flagrante delicto, should have removed these disastrous individuals, who have attacked private property and, above all, who have attacked an elderly person, as is Mrs. Amparo Carvajal,” he said.

Armando Camacho, assistant to the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights, identified Édgar Salazar as the person who claimed to be the president of the Assembly and who, supposedly, was there to take possession of the offices, this Friday morning. Camacho indicated that he requested documentation to certify what Salazar indicated, but that he received no response.

However, minutes later, around 150 people took the building of the Apdhb and evicted the activists who were working in the place.

At noon, a police contingent arrived to protect the place, which is located on Avenida 6 de Agosto in the capital of La Paz.

The National Association of Bolivian Journalists (ANPB) and the nine departmental associations of journalists, through a statement, expressed their repudiation of “the takeover by force” of the national headquarters of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb).

“We denounce that the occupation of the headquarters of the Apdhb constitutes a flagrant violation against civil society organizations that defend human rights, and leaves unprotected to those who from different spaces work to promote equal rights for all people, among which is also the right to freedom of expression and thought”, they expressed in the document.

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