Preocupa a Diputados situación que afecta Líneas Aéreas Dominicanas

Deputies are concerned about the situation affecting Dominican Airlines

Santo Domingo. – The Permanent Commission of Economy, Planning and Development of thea Chamber of Deputies received representatives of the Dominican Association of Airlines (ADLA)in the study of a project that provides economic assistance to the users of said transport.

The president of the Commission, deputy Francisco Solimán indicated that the project proposed by his colleague Dolores Fermín and other legislators, seeks to mitigate the high prices that air travel currently has.

In that sense, he added that he was concerned about the difficulty with which Dominican Airlines are operating, since while foreign airlines offer cheap trips due to the incentives of their Federal Government, “Dominican airlines are forced to disappear due to all the taxes they must cover. , as it happened with an airline in San Juan”.

Solimán also said, “We are going to convene the institutions here at the end so that each one brings what it can contribute and together we can solve this problem.”

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Carlos Jiménez, director of Air Century, commented that the contribution of the airlines to the GDP can be raised with an improvement in the incentives, but the fiscal sacrifice does not allow it, “We cannot contribute what we cannot produce.”

Likewise, he declared “We have been forced to operate where nobody wants to because being competitive is not an option, we found it necessary to leave San Juan because another operator decided to put tickets at $99 round trip, when Dominican rates are $98.63.”

Martín Bido, president of Servicios Aéreos GECA, said “We have just emerged from a pandemic, all the countries took charge of encouraging their national airlines and we have received tolerance so that we can work with our own means, we have a great economic burden.”

He stressed that the cost of tickets, fuel and ramps is very high, so it is vital that as an island a solution be found, “many tourists want to come to the Dominican Republic but they do not do it because of the price of the trip or they do sporadically.”

The meeting held in the Events Hall of the Chamber of Deputiesalso had the participation of Carlos Mesa and Ariel Esteban de Arajet, along with a delegation from ADLA, deputies Emmanuel Morales, Carlos de Jesús, Julio López, Nolberto Ortiz, César Rutinel (Tonty), Brenda Ogando, Héctor Ramírez and Adalgisa Open.

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