Deputies approve that DDJJ can be false

Deputies approve that DDJJ can be false

The Chamber of Deputies approved its version of the bill that modifies several articles of Law 5033/2013 that regulates article 104 of the National Constitution, of the Sworn Declaration of Assets.

The project contains 30 articles. The substantial difference between the two versions is found in article 14. The Senate version establishes that if there are indications that the omission or error was attributable to intent, the Comptroller’s Office must inform the Public Ministry.

On the other hand, the version of the Chamber of Deputies establishes that the declarer can make rectifications at any time. Eliminating what was established by the senators.

Jorge Ávalos Mariño, deputy for the PLRA and president of the Legislation Commission, unsuccessfully urged his colleagues to support the senators’ version.
“We understand that the deputies’ version distorts and turns the project into a discretionary declaration,” he warned.

Derlis Maidana, deputy for the ANR and president of the Constitutional Affairs Commission, expressed that they support the version of the deputies. He stressed that the document maintains the possibility that the Comptroller, ex officio, send the documents that it considers incongruous to the Public Ministry.

“This new text does not imply curtailing the powers of the Comptroller established in article 276, which establishes that it must make complaints before the Public Ministry, the Audit Office of the Executive Power and before the National Anticorruption Secretariat (Senac),” he said.

He stressed that they do not intend to curtail the attributions of the State authorities, but only seek to establish attributions so that the public official can rectify his statements.

Rocío Vallejo, national deputy for Patria Querida, and also a member of the Constitutional Affairs Commission, stated that from her bench they consider that the Senate version is what corresponds.

“Rectification is allowed at any time. What is involved here is that those who have two bank accounts have not declared it. We don’t know to what effect,” he said.

Kattya González, a national deputy for the National Encounter party (PEN), stated that the project they intend to approve in the deputies’ version implies the “impunity of oblivion.”

“It involves the amnesia pills that they want to legislate so that oblivion goes unpunished. The willful, malicious omission in the affidavit is what allows the intervention of the Public Ministry, “he said.

Now the document goes to the Chamber of Senators, who, being the reviewing chamber, has the last word. In other words, the Senate will decide whether to accept or reject the decriminalizations.

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