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Deputies alert that electoral use of social programs will continue in 2023

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Deputies alert that electoral use of social programs will continue in 2023

With data from the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval), the legislator recalled that the population in poverty went from 51.9 to 55.7 million people from 2018 to 2020, and the population in extreme poverty increased from 8.7 to 10.8 million.

“Despite this reality, this administration has not been able to rethink its strategy in social matters, we continue under the protection of a disjointed social policy and without a minimum of technique in the construction of actions, which effectively break with the intergenerational cycle of the poverty,” he questioned.

For the Institutional Revolutionary (PRI), the deputy Rodrigo Fuentes Ávila demanded to attend to the technical evaluation made by CONEVAL and the observations of the Superior Audit of the Federation to the operation of social programs to stop the diversion of public resources and sanction public servants who profit from the needs of people without resources.

He recalled that in the last elections in six states “social programs were used to threaten and coerce the vote” for which he demanded that Montiel announce what he will do to prevent a repeat of this in the elections next year in the state of Mexico and Coahuila. .

But PAN member Ana Teresa Aranda warned that a repetition of this phenomenon is expected.

“If not, how can we understand that the operating expense of the program for the elderly goes from 3,000 to 11,000 million pesos, in a year of almost 400% increase?”, he said.

He also denounced that the 6 billion pesos cut to the autonomous organizations went to operating expenses of the Welfare Secretariat.

“Could it be that they need cash to be able to use it for their electoral operators?”, he recriminated.

According to the PAN member, they do not seek to reduce poverty, “what they want is to increase it in order to have more Mexicans on their knees stretching out their hands.”

For Marcelino Castañeda, from the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), the increase in operating expenses has an electoral background, since in four years there are no reliable registers of beneficiaries of social programs.

“For three years you have been observed by the Superior Audit of the Federation in terms of social programs; Now they still have the same problems. Do you already have a solution or will you continue to ignore the recommendations? This is a case of corruption.

“Has the list of beneficiaries already been consolidated? A moment ago you said it, we googled it immediately, and there is no standard, it’s a lie, ”he claimed.

The beneficiary base is for control, “this is not a directory for election day!”, he reproached.

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