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Deputies advance in the analysis of the law proposal for surveillance of the Mexican air space

Deputies advance in the analysis of the law proposal for surveillance of the Mexican air space

Georgina Saldierna and Enrique Mendez

Newspaper La Jornada
Thursday, July 14, 2022, p. 6

The Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) will explain this Thursday to the deputies the flight surveillance processes as part of the analysis of the presidential initiative for a law to protect the airspace that allows combating drug trafficking operations.

Deputies of the Defense Commission were invited to the Command of the Comprehensive Air Surveillance System, in the central offices of the Sedena, to observe the military surveillance tasks of the entire national space.

At the end of a work meeting, in which the commission approved a reform to the Military Service Law so that crimes committed by conscripts are tried in the civil order, the president of that legislative instance, Ricardo Villarreal (PAN), indicated that The purpose of the meeting is to obtain information. to decide whether the initiative is voted in favor or not.

The legislator explained that the protection of the airspace in charge of the Sedena is not regulated and is fundamental, especially in the fight against drug traffickingand recalled that the initiative sent by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on April 28 (two days before the end of the session period) seeks to guarantee the surveillance and safeguarding of aviation operations.

He commented that the initiative considers the creation of a national center for the protection and surveillance of the airspace, which –among other powers– would observe the routes of aircraft and determine if the flights are authorized.

In addition, it provides that the purpose of the system is to monitor and coordinate between dependencies and entities to inhibit and counteract illicit air operations that threaten national security.

The initiative also considers an alert and interception system for unauthorized or clandestine flights. Villarreal said that meetings with other officials and specialists are planned to find out his opinion on the project.

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