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Depraved threatened a 12-year-old girl with a gun to abuse her

Given the impossibility of an extradition from Brazil to Paraguay, the man arrested for the murder of a teenager in a motel in Ciudad del Este could be prosecuted in the neighboring country, through international cooperation.

Leandro Alves Da Costa (33) had been wanted since November for the murder of a minor under 15 years of age in a Ciudad del Este motel. He was finally arrested this morning in the State of Paraná, Brazil.

Aboutthe International Affairs Prosecutor’s Office will work with the Federal Police and the other authorities, so that the man can be prosecuted there, through external legal cooperation.

This is because Brazil does not contemplate the possibility of extradition, therefore, the detainee will not be handed over to the Paraguayan authorities.

However, by existing previous experiences and even convictions of people with pending accounts in Paraguayit is believed that the objective can also be achieved in this case.

The detainee was charged with intentional homicide and was declared in absentia. Also had Interpol Red Notice. He was quickly identified through the cameras of the Cataratas motel at Km 8 Monday in Ciudad del Este.

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The crime occurred between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on November 3, in room number 28 of the Cataratas motel, located on Monseñor Rodríguez avenue, in the capital of Alto Paraná, where SSG (15) was a fatal victim. .

The Brazilian used a Bolt service to go to kilometer 8 of Acaray in the San Juan neighborhood to look for the minor, who worked in a brothel, according to the investigation. Then, they went to the motel in question, where they would have entered that morning. Subsequently, at 9:00 p.m., the subject left aboard a taxi.

For this same case, Yeimy Diana Cubilla Ybañez (37) is arrested, accused of being the person who induced the adolescent to prostitution. The Prosecutor’s Office investigates her for pimping for commercial purposes. The woman is in charge of the Specialized Unit in the Fight against Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Boys, Girls and Adolescents.

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