Deportivo Garcilaso wins Peru Cup

Deportivo Garcilaso wins Peru Cup

Deportivo Garcilasoteam from the Peruvian region of cuzcowill play in 2023 for the first time in its history in the first division of the Peruvian league after thrashing this Sunday 5-1 against athletic bruces and become champion of the Peru Cup.

For the cast from Cuzco they scored johny obeso (m.25), Herbert Castillo (m.28), Raúl Tito (ms.50 and 79) and Mauricio Malpartida (m.85).

to this day garcilaso arrived even on points with AD Comerciantes. That is why they had to ensure a victory with the most goals to consolidate their classification to the first division.

Although the Loreto team triumphed 2-0 against Defender The mouth and finished tied with 7 units with garcilasodid not achieve its mission because the Cuzco team had a greater goal difference.

garcilaso became the new tenant of the highest category and will compete in League 1 in 2023, where it will be accompanied by two other teams from Cuzco: Cienciano and Cuzco FC, which was promoted after being crowned champion of League 2 this season.

“Deportivo Garcilaso became the 2022 Peru Cup champion, promoted to League 1 and became the fourth team from Cuzco to reach the elite, after Cienciano, Deportivo Tintaya and Cuzco FC,” highlighted the official Twitter account of the Peru Cup.

Merchants will play League 2 of the local championship.

The Copa Perú is probably the largest soccer tournament in the world, as thousands of non-professional teams from all over the country compete in it, competing first at the municipal level and then at the provincial level, to later move on to the regional phase and finally the national one. .

To Peru Cup It is popularly known as “male soccer” due to the harsh conditions and limited resources that its participants must face, it is played on the most diverse and remote fields in the country and the most atypical and curious incidents of the king of sports usually occur every year.

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