Deplora gente viva mentira, hipocresía y apariencia

Deplore living people lie, hypocrisy and appearance

People currently live by appearances, by hypocrisy, they prefer lies to the truth, the unjust to justice, and condemn the just, just as it happened with jesus christAlmost two thousand years ago, the Archbishop of Santo Domingo proclaimed, Francisco Ozoria Acostacelebrating the Palm Sundaystart of the Holy Week.

He regretted that in today’s society people live on appearances, contrary to what the Lord proposes to live authentically, in truth and sincere love.

In the homily for Palm Sunday, Ozoria Acosta expressed that the Lord invites everyone to take the option of good, justice, peace and truth.

“Therefore, injustice, violence, war, hypocrisy, do not fit in the dynamics of Christianity, in the dynamics of faith; the Lord wants authenticity from us; if we proclaim that Christ is our Lord, the king, we must maintain it in every case, in every situation and we cannot live on appearances, ”he maintained.

Remember that Jesus makes the triumphal entry into Jerusalem mounted on a donkey, at a time when the kings of the earth and the powers in the world used the best and well-armed horses to show strength and greatness.

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teachings of Jesus

Urge to learn the teachings left by the Lord with her enters Jerusalem in a burrito, especially those who have political, economic and prestigious powers in society, who think they have them all.

Therefore, he said “Jesus teaches us that his kingdom is not of this world, that his kingdom is truth, of justice and that as a king he is humble and simple.”

invited to reflect on the life and actions of Jesuswhich contradicts everything human, political, as well as the entire material-based system.

In another order, in the celebration in the Las Mercedes church, Fray Frankely Rodriguezattributed the moral degradation, violence and other ills of Dominican society to the disintegration of the family.

Asked during the precession through the streets of the Colonial City, Fray Rodríguez believes that violence depends a lot on the family, so if this nucleus is healthy, there will be a healthy society.

He considered correct the measures taken by President Luis Abinader to counteract inflation.

Indicates that high prices affect The United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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