Denounce delay in issuance and delivery of license plates for new cars

The Association of Automobile Dealers of Panama (ADAP) called on the Land Traffic and Transportation Authority (ATTT) and the Municipality of Panama to address and solve the delay in the issuance and delivery of vehicle plates for new cars.

The union explained that this problem that has been dragging on for years is affecting the automotive sector and those who acquire new vehicles and that according to the law they must manage and issue their initial vehicle license plate to circulate in the national territory.

This situation is affecting an average of 3,000 users who purchase cars monthly -this represents more than $50 million dollars in bank loans- that require their license plates. In addition to this, users who are going to renew their license plates are being affected and it is leaving the vehicle fleet completely out of date.

ADAP, through a statement, considered that if matters related to the issuance and delivery of vehicle plates to new vehicles are not addressed definitively, an insecurity problem could be generated, since the circulation of cars without plates represents a risk to citizen security, because this makes it difficult for the authorities to identify an aggressor or someone who commits a crime or infraction.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the vehicle license plate is the identity of the car and according to the Traffic Regulations it is still a mandatory requirement for circulation in the country, above the circulation permit for new vehicles.

In a responsible manner, the union has held informative and coordination meetings with government institutions (Directorate of the Single Vehicle Registry of the Land Traffic and Transportation Authority; Municipality of Panama) so that to date, there will be a sufficient supply of license plates However, so far there has been no solution.

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