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Denis family asks for kidnapping reconstruction

The defense of the Denis family asks the Justice to rebuild the kidnapping of the former vice president, of whom there was never proof of life.

Ricardo Merlo, legal representative of the Denis family, asked the Criminal Court of Guarantees to reconstruct the kidnapping of Óscar Denis, in captivity since September 9, 2020.

Merlo’s intervention as a complainant has already been admitted in the criminal proceedings of those investigated in the case. The first measure is this request.

The Criminal Guarantees Judge, Rosarito Montanía, must be transferred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and subsequently decide whether or not to grant the request, according to the journalist of Nación Media, Aldo Insfrán.

last September 9 Two years have passed since the kidnapping of Denis, who that day was taken from his La Tranquerita ranch, along with his collaborator Adelio Mendoza, released a week later.

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Through Mendoza, who returned infected with Covid-19it was possible to know that until that week Denis was still alivebut apart from this testimony, the armed group never sent a test or fulfilled the release, despite the fact that the relatives distributed the food to large communities, as required.

The truck Denis was in was found about 30 kilometers from the main hull of the cattle ranch.

Oscar Denis D.He had to consume several medicines daily, essential for his well-being. The daughters of the liberal politician left a bag of medicines in a tree, waiting for the criminals to have a minimum of mercy and consideration and supply them with the doses, however, they never withdrew anything.

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