Democratic political machine supports Dominican for the NY State Senate

NEW YORK.- The powerful Democratic political machine of Upper Manhattan and the Bronx announced its support for the Dominican Ángel Vásquez for the New York State Senate for the 31st district.

This district includes the sectors of Washington Heights, Inwood, Marble Hill, Kingsbridge, University and Morris Heights, areas where thousands of Dominican voters reside.

Although in NYC, one out of every eight inhabitants is Dominican, Quisqueyans do not have a state senator to represent them in this important legislative chamber, which is why both Congressman Adriano Espaillat and other politicians are supporting Ángel Vásquez and Miguelina Camilo in their nominations for the New York State Senate.

The Democratic machinery is made up of Congressman Adriano Espaillat, Assembly members Manny de los Santos, Amanda Séptimo, Yudelka Tapia and Karines Reyes.

Espaillat stated that Vásquez “in public service has shown commitment to the community, with the formulation of policies and laws. He will be an effective legislator and leader from the State Senate.”

“I am confident that Vasquez will be part of the new generation of leaders who will make our city more affordable and safer. I proudly endorse it,” he said.

De los Santos (AD-72) said, “I am proud to endorse him, we need someone with fresh ideas who can work with our working class youth and families who are facing many challenges.”

Seventh (AD-84) said: “Vasquez has spent his career fighting for the most vulnerable New Yorkers. He has the leadership to make his vision of a fairer NY a reality.”

Tapia (AD-86) stated: “Vásquez has for years been a defender of the most vulnerable in our communities, spearheading solutions to the most critical problems facing our people with his experience in formulating laws.”

Reyes (AD-87) expressed: “I’m excited to endorse him. Throughout his experience at UFT, he has demonstrated his commitment to the educational advancement of our students while also empowering working-class New Yorkers.”

Vásquez is given as a sure winner among the voters of the 31st district for the Democratic primaries to be held this coming August 23.

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