Demobilized member of the Farc was wounded after an attack in Tuluá, Valle del Cauca

In the district of Puerto Frazadas, a rural area of ​​Tuluá, in the center of Valle del Cauca, he was the victim of an armed attack Alexander Betacurt Forero, member of the Multiactive Cooperative of the Commons and signer of the peace agreement, as reincorporated from the extinct FARC.

According to witness information, Armed men, hitherto unknown, shot him repeatedly. The former guerrilla was taken to a care center.

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From the Commons Party, through a statementit has been requested that the attack against the peace signer not go unpunished and that it be investigated.

“The partner is a signatory to the peace process and is in the process of reincorporation, in that condition he received an attack. We hope he has a speedy recovery, fortunately he managed to survive. We insist to the national government that we need to advance in life guarantees for those of us who are in this process. We hope to be that power of life and advance on the road to peace in the country,” said Luis Alberto Albán, representative to the Chamber of Valle del Cauca for the Comunes party.

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This is the second attack against a demobilized member of the Farc registered in Tuluá, the first was against Jair Torres, who was a candidate for the House of Representatives for the Commonswho was at a political meeting when five armed men arrived at the scene and killed one of his escorts.

The attack against Alexander Betacurt occurs three days after the party’s departmental council was held Comunes in Valle del Cauca where they announced that they will continue fighting for the comprehensive implementation of the Final Peace Agreement.

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