Demand for construction lots and properties in GBA is sustained

The cost of construction remains relatively low at around 800 dollars per square meter built Photo Carlos Brigo
The cost of construction remains relatively low, around 800 dollars per square meter built. Photo: Carlos Brigo.

Demand for building lots Y properties in Greater Buenos Aires It is sustained after the trend that expanded during the pandemic, according to specialists consulted by Télam.

“The south is consolidated and today it is a great engine of real estate development. Today it is growing very strongly, with first-class services, very good health centers, and excellent access. There is a significant investment by the State and the municipalities in public works “, he pointed Ethel Uresof Castex Properties.

In a dialogue with Télam, he affirmed that “the South zone has grown a lot in recent years, there are many investment works”, and stressed that “there is infrastructure that supports the population that is growing, certainly to the extent that there is expansion it will be necessary to go reinforcing”.

“The pandemic -he added- generated a need in those who did not need to move and rushed those who had been thinking about it; it is something that has been sustained, perhaps not with the same intensity, but we do have the tail of that move.”

In this context, he explained that “the star product is the lots” in gated communities and described that “in San Eliseo – a neighborhood located in Canning – lots are being marketed from $50,000 with views of the Golf Course.”

San Eliseo has sold more than 400 lots and launched the last stage of sale of internal lots of 1,200 average square meters at a value of 49,700 dollars, and lots with a golf course background of 1,400 average square meters, from 60,000 dollars.

The cost of construction remains relatively low, around 800 dollars per square meter built, with which “we still have interesting values ​​for people to continue choosing to buy a lot and build; it is the most chosen option with few exceptions,” he assured. Ures.

For your part Matthias Towerscommercial director of Mudafytold Télam that in the North zone “there is a lot of movement on land, as well as in countries, as a result of the trend that was a boom during the pandemic and that is still maintained but in a more moderate way.”

“There are still people who still want to get away from the city, but with the return to face-to-face work in many jobs, they think twice about going to live in a place that is a considerable distance away, with everything that the transfer implies. back and forth. That caused the situation to plateau a bit,” he added.

Meanwhile, he maintained that in the properties “prices continue to fall, but more slowly than before. This does not mean that new projects that offer premium products come out with high prices, but the trend that prices are falling is maintained. “.

He said that “the downward trend has plateaued quite a bit, before an almost monthly decline was noticeable and today it is much softer.”

According to a Zonaprop report on the North GBA housing market, sales prices down 9.2% from 2020and the average value per square meter is located at 1,485 dollars.

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