Delsa Solórzano will register her candidacy for the primaries on #22Jun

Delsa Solórzano, president of Encuentro Ciudadano, will formalize her candidacy for the primary elections on June 22. She insisted that the opportunities that present themselves must be seized to achieve the objectives set for a new administration in Venezuela.

The president of the political organization Encuentro Ciudadano, Delsa Solórzano, announced on Sunday June 18 that she will register her candidacy for the primaries organized by the opposition for the month of October.

This was stated by Solórzano from a program in Spain, where he pointed out that the formalization of his candidacy will take place on Thursday, June 22; one day before the date announced by the coordinator of Vente Venezuela, María Corina Machado.

In his opinion, the primaries are already beginning to arouse the interest of Venezuelans, which, in turn, “is accompanied by a deep spirit of change among citizens who know that the possibility of freedom is once again in their hands.”

Delsa Solórzano also insisted that the opportunities that arise must be taken advantage of to achieve the objectives set for a new administration in Venezuela.

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He also took advantage of downplaying the historian’s resignation Rafael Arraiz Lucca to the National Primary Commission (CP) by saying that he did not participate much in the meetings of that body.

“I respect his position but I do not share it, he said that a mechanism other than the primary had to be found and for us there is no possibility that the candidate of the democratic forces would be selected in a way other than the primary,” he pointed out.

The pre-candidate for the primaries Delsa Solórzano gave a boost to the primary process on friday june 16after it became known about the resignation of several pro-government rectors of the National Electoral Council (CNE) on the eve.

At that time, he insisted that the only way in which the unitary candidate can be elected is through this mechanism, which in addition to helping to consolidate unity in that sector of the opposition “because it comes from the decision made by the citizens ».

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