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Deliverys seek to regulate digital platforms

The representatives of the Ministry of Labor and the Deliverys Union began a consensus process on the bill that regulates the work of digital platforms.

After months of denouncing job insecurity and precariousness, the delivery union managed to set up a work table to discuss a draft project

The meeting was attended by Federico Ferreira from SINACTRAM, Henrique Ferreira sociologist and union collaborator, and Karina Gomez, General Director of Occupational Health and Safety of MTESS.

Deliverys seek to regulate digital platforms

One of the first agreements is the recognition of the labor link between Delivery and the digital platform.

It is also agreed that the company is responsible for work tools, mobility, internet, security

Another approach proposed by the union is that the space for personal hygiene, rest, hydration must be guaranteed both by the digital platform company and by the company from which the Delivery picks up the product to be delivered.

With the recognition of the Deliverys employment relationship, workers whose activities are managed by digital platforms will have access to licenses, permits, vacations, Christmas bonus, family allowance, social security, etc.

The current minimum wage is also proposed as a salary floor and productivity gains will be added to this.

Finally and among other issues, it is proposed that Digital Platform companies must have an office officially established in the territory of the Republic of Paraguay.

There is a commitment from the Minister of Labor, Carla Bacigalupo, to accompany the bill, and an upcoming meeting with her and company representatives is expected.

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