Delgado participated in the parade for the 115th anniversary of Punta del Este

The Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, attended the day with which the celebration for the 115 years of Punta del Este began. The activity began with a parade down Calle Gorlero and continued with artistic performances in Plaza Artigas. There, the hierarch highlighted the continuous progress of the city and the projections of the works that will permanently generate work for the Fernandinos.

The event was also attended by the mayor of Maldonado, Enrique Antía, and the mayor of Punta del Este, Javier Carballal. Educational, social, military and cavalry institutions participated in the parade.

Then, in the Artigas square, artistic shows were performed by the National Navy Band and the Departmental Orchestra, as well as demonstrations by Firefighters and Highway Police, on traffic safety, for children.

On the occasion, Delgado considered it important to participate in the events that are organized in the different cities of the country. He highlighted the progress of Punta del Este in recent years and the different projections of works, in terms of economic, real estate, infrastructure development, which will generate work for Maldonadenses throughout the year.

Mayor Antía said that this is a celebration of the local community to claim belonging to an area of ​​the country that gives so much satisfaction.

Punta del Este was born as a town on July 5, 1907, when President Claudio Williman promulgated Law No. 3,186. At that time, it was decided to grant the peninsula that category. Later, in 1909, the cornerstone of the Punta del Este church was laid and, in 1916, the spa was illuminated with the first electrical installation.

In 1906, there were 492 inhabitants, 111 houses built, 20 under construction and 300 planned.

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