Two members of the Las Delicias criminal group killed

Dejected member of Los Sanguinarios de Soapire

A member of the criminal organization Los Sanguinarios de Soapire was killed during a confrontation with agents attached to the Urban Security Detachment (Desur)-Valles del Tuy, Miranda, according to military sources.

These agents of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) carried out patrol tasks in the San Juan de Soapire sector, Paz Castillo municipality (Santa Lucía), Miranda.

And it is there when the confrontation between soldiers and members of the band Los Sanguinarios de Soapire takes place, resulting in the death of one of them nicknamed El Negro.

At the scene of the events, a 9 mm caliber pistol, Walther brand, model P-38, serial 4573W, a magazine and two 9 mm caliber cartridges, among others, were retained.

Wounded in PDVSA

Another GNB procedure took place at the PDVSA facilities, located in the municipality of Atures (Puerto Ayacucho), Amazonas, where they had a confrontation with unknown individuals.

During that scuffle, a subject identified as Jesús Alfredo Ledezma was injured, who was taken to the “José Gregorio Hernández” hospital located in the capital of Amazonas, where he was diagnosed with a gunshot wound to the abdominal region.

The subject was seized a .38 caliber revolver, two meters of aluminum wire, a pliers, a pick and a shovel.

A procedure was opened for Ledezma for illicit possession of a firearm, resistance to authority and theft of strategic material.

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