Dejected alias El Chicharra

Dejected alias El Chicharra

A subject nicknamed El Chicharra was left dejected after confronting members of the Rural Commando Detachment 42-3 of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), according to military sources.

The confrontation occurred in the Guayabal sector, Ezequiel Zamora municipality (Villa de Cura), Aragua state, where armed individuals, members of the Aragua TrainThey exchanged shots with the military.

El Chicharra was badly injured at the site, who later died while his companions fled, according to the report.

The deceased had used a Jenninsg Firearms, Bryco, 380 caliber pistol and a bulletproof vest, material that was confiscated as well as a KLR-650 Kawasaki motorcycle.

The procedure was notified to the Public Ministry.

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