Defense submitted to Parliament a project to amend the Military Organic Law

Defense submitted to Parliament a project to amend the Military Organic Law

Photo: Javier Garcia/Twitter.
Photo: Javier Garcia/Twitter.

The project establishes that it is imperative to improve efficiency and effectiveness by saving means and resources to achieve better results.

In this sense, the initiative includes provisions that progressively increase the participation of ESMADE as an advisory body to the Ministry of Defense. For example, “advising annually on common courses to be taught in military training schools.”

Likewise, it ceases to be a subsidiary to include “cybersecurity” as its main mission, which will be coordinated by this body.

The project establishes the necessary unity of action between the common services of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces, proposes that the operational structure be organized under the direction of the strategic level at the highest political level, reaffirming a concept inherent to the higher command of the Armed Forces .AA.

“In the organization of joint operations, it will be the Defense General Staff that will acquire hierarchy,” it is indicated in the legal initiative.


On the other hand, changes are proposed in the conditions of admission to the Armed Forces, among others, natural citizenship instead of legal citizenship, due to the special mission it fulfills.

The educational requirement is modified in order to give greater possibilities of entry to whoever wishes and “not to give up any compatriot, allowing entry as a soldier with complete Primary and facilitating their educational continuity and promoting that within the Armed Forces, where work culture, discipline and skill, progress in their training and skills to progress are acquired.

On the other hand, grades are reorganized in senior staff, in order to synchronize the career plan with the new retirement ages. Also, in the hierarchy of senior officers with the same rank there are two realities: those who meet the condition for promotion and those who do not. The rank of colonel major or commodore for the Navy is then created in the higher official hierarchies for those who have served the minimum time necessary to be able to access. “This will not mean, however, any change in salary or retirement.”

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