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Defense dismisses Sebastián Mauvesín, linked to Penadés, from his teaching position at the Military Lyceum

Javier García, Minister of National Defense.  Photo: Presidency of the Republic
Javier García, Minister of National Defense. Photo: Presidency of the Republic

On Wednesday morning, the Minister of National Defense, Javier García, made the decision to leave his post as history teacher at the Military Lyceum to the teacher Sebastian Mauvezin, as reported by the journalist Ignacio Álvarez and confirmed by various media outlets. This fact has generated great repercussion in public opinion.

According to sources close to the minister, the resolution to terminate the teacher’s contract was taken after accessing information provided by the Supreme Court of Justice, which was submitted to Parliament to request the senator’s immunity. Gustavo Penadés, of the National Party. It should be noted that said violation was approved by the Senate on the afternoon of that same Wednesday.

Criminalization of the crime of “retribution for erotic and sexual acts”

Prosecutor Ghione considers that the facts reported in the investigation make it possible to classify the crime of “retribution for erotic and sexual acts of any kind” in what refers to Senator Penadés. However, she does not rule out the possibility that the investigation is transferred to the Specialized Organized Crime Courtsdepending on the number of defendants involved in the action.

Is there a trafficking network to which Penadés is linked? This alleges the Prosecutor’s Office

In the letter written by the prosecutor Alicia Ghione, Sebastián Mauvezín is linked not only to contacts generated with minors for sexual exploitation in relation to Senator Penadés, but other possible cases are also mentioned, which could configure crimes linked to a possible network of trafficking The investigation reveals that Mauvezín would have been the intermediary in the contacts between the senator and the victims.

The information provided suggests the existence of a possible trafficking networkin which Sebastian Mauvezin would have played an important role as generator of contacts. These facts are extremely serious and require an exhaustive investigation to clarify all the implications and responsibilities.

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