Defense and Justice beats Peñarol in the South American

Defense and Justice beats Peñarol in the South American

Agustín Sant’anna (39 and 45), Nicolás Fernández (70) and Gastón Togni (80) scored the goals for Halcón’s victory, and Sebastián Rodríguez (57) discounted for the mirasol club.

After completing three days, in Group F the Colombian Millonarios (7) leads, escorted by Defensa (6), while América Mineiro has 4, and Peñarol closes the table with no units to his credit.

fly the falcon

The Argentine team, which arrives on the rise after a discreet start to the tournament, took a few minutes to find a way around a Peñarol that hinted at a good handling of the ball in the first half, while the locals could not find loopholes.

But Defensa was more incisive after half an hour, and before the end of the first half he dealt two blows to Manya’s weak jaw, who in a flurry before going to the locker room was down two goals.

Agustín Sant’anna, the right-back of Defense, made his way through the right-handed sector, headed towards the middle and to everyone’s surprise, unattackable with his left foot to the right corner, impossible for Thiago Cardozo, who only made the opening goal more spectacular with its sterile flight.

The locals were emboldened by the advantage, and shortly after Solari finished off point-blank, Cardozo rebounded and the ball was served to Sant’anna, who pushed the rebound into the net, without problems to beat the sleepy Uruguayan defense.


The titmouse sinks

Peñarol tried a recovery after halftime, in a period in which he frequently prowled the auriverde area, until the deserved discount arrived, a cornered right hand from Sebastián Rodríguez from the crescent of the area, after a short clearance.

For a moment the historic Uruguayan team, with a good job from Matías Aguirregaray, was encouraged to dream of a draw, and had a formidable chance when Arezo assisted Bentancor, who faced Unsain, but the Defense goalkeeper won the duel .

On the contrary, Defense did not forgive and more than billed when they found the enormous spaces left by the visit in the search for an equalizer, and that is how the third came, in a great cross from Soto for ‘Uvita’ Fernández, with time to settle and nail the ball in the left corner.

Too static in the background, Manya was very exposed on the counters, and in this way Defense gave him the last blow of the night, with a long cross ball for Gastón Togni, who went at full speed and fired a terrible missile from left-handed, unattainable for Cardozo.

Thus, the Falcon exposed all the weaknesses of Alfredo Arias’s team, which is last, with a foot and a half out of the competition, in an improper participation of its rich history.

On the fourth date, Peñarol will visit Millonarios in Bogotá, and Defense will go to Minas Gerais to face America.

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