Defendant of the Antipulpo case says that accusations are false

Defendant of the Antipulpo case says that accusations are false

The former inspector of the Office of Supervisory Engineers of State Works (oisoe), Achilles Alejandro Cristopher Sanchezin charge of the case anti octopussaid that the accusations made by the Public Ministry against him “constitute a falsehood.”

“In that document (the accusation) a series of falsehoods were written that had the sole purpose of imprisoning me all this time, five months of which were in solitary confinement. The main accusations presented in this document were money laundering, illicit enrichment and bribery. None of these three accusations are contained in the final accusation,” said the defendant when presenting their replies to the judge of the Seventh Investigating Court of the National District, Deiby Peguerowho knows the case.

The defendant affirms that the prosecuting body indicates that he did not present his sworn declaration of assets, which he assures was not necessary because he is an employee of the fourth hierarchical category, for whom this process is not required.

He alleges that there is a discrepancy in the time that the Public Prosecutor says that he held the position and that he acquired a vehicle with money saved, which he is accused of having bought with public money, among other accusations that he reiterates are unfounded.

Christopher Sanchez He was the first to present his replies to the accusations of the Public Ministry against the defendants in the case anti octopusa process that began this Friday after several postponements.

The case anti octopus has as defendants 27 people, among whom are Alexis Medina; the former vice president of the Patrimonial Fund of the Reformed Companies (Fonper), Carmen Magalys Medina; the former president of that institution, Fernando Rosa; the former Minister of Public Health, Lorenzo Hidalgo Núñez (Freddy); José Dolores Santana Carmona and Wacal Bernabé Mendez Pineda.

Also, the former director general of the Office of Supervising Engineers of State Works (oisoe), Francisco Pagán, and the former inspector of that institution, Aquiles Christopher.

In addition, Julián Esteban Suriel Suazo, the former Comptroller General, Rafael Antonio Germosén Andújar; Domingo Antonio Santiago Muñoz, Carlos Martín Montes de Oca Vásquez and Paola Mercedes Molina Suazo.

The file involves 21 companies against which a lawsuit was also requested, including General Supply Corporation SRL, Domedical Supply SRL, Fuel América Inc. Dominicana SRL, and Globus Electrical SRL

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