Decision and perseverance are the key to achieving goals in the new year

Decision and perseverance are the key to achieving goals in the new year

January 1, 2023, 4:16 AM

January 1, 2023, 4:16 AM

How to achieve the goals in the year that begins? The specialists recommend that you make a decision and keep firm the hope of fixing a positive and fruitless year.Rustrations requires some practices that help to fulfill the purposes, such as writing the objectives and detailing the means that are available to achieve them.

Psychologist Fanny Parrado advises being grateful for all the experiences, anecdotes, circumstances and moments that have been lived during the past year, whether positive or negative, because you also learn from that.

He states that it would help a lot if each year the person does a self-evaluation and validation of all the circumstances experienced, because that will allow us to start the next year with new suggestions, changes and transformations in our lives.

To specify what one proposes, he advises that it helps a lot to write each one of the purposes and not just leave it in the mind. “It is proven cScientifically, people who write down their resolutions achieve between 10 and 20 percent of what they planned. So the longer the newOur list of what one wants to do in all aspects, be it personal, work, partner, family, health or education, and the more developed our purposes are, there are more possibilities to achieve them”, he indicates.

He recommends that, in addition to writing them, one also has to develop resources, personal tools and those around us, because that way there is a greater chance of specifying what one proposes

Many people agree that the start of a new year makes them reflective, because some things don’t could be achieved, but the professional points out that this is not a reason to stop, because all the moments lived, even if they are the most critical, are opportunities to learn.

The educational psychologist Nadia Rocabado points out that setting goals is important because they are the basis for an life project, but ensures that these must be objective, real and clear so as not to fall into frustration, discouragement or over-demand.

“The person has to be clear about what they want to achieve and where they are aiming, but they must also be aware that there are goals that are not reached in a few months or a year, but can take several years, which requires perseverance , organization and discipline”, he affirms.

In addition, he adds, we must be aware that along the way there will be many aspects that will affect the cachievement of goals, including external circumstances, such as the political situation, strikes, blockades, economic instability and others; so you have to have the ability to rethink goals and reinvent yourself.

“If we are very rigid in our purposes, the only thing that we are going to cause ourselves is suffering, disappointment and bitterness”, he maintains.

He advises that before setting a goal, be it family, economic, work or professional, the person make an internal assessment because complying with it requires a lot of strength.

“Finishing a degree, establishing a family, a trip or a business, are great things in a person’s life. Therefore, setting a purpose requires being honest with yourself, if I really am a disciplined and persistent person or quickly abandon the things that I start, if I depend a lot on the mood or the help of another person, if I find it difficult to organize myself, etc. If I don’t have those personal factors that drive me to achieve the goals, the first thing I have to do is work internally, ”he says.

He also recommends avoiding comparing or measuring yourself with other people or getting carried away by social pressure. because everyone has their time and their own history ofe life; otherwise, the person will fall into frustration.

For his part, the educator Alberto Santelices agrees that the objectives must be real, according to the socioeconomic background of the person. “It is better to set few goals, but meet expectations,” she says.

Personal goals must respond to the level of abreaths that the person traces. Family members must be the result of dialogue between their members, including children. The same will happen with couples within an emotional and intellectual maturity.

In order to avoid aggressions and situations of violence, it is convenient to design a plan in advance and respect it during the previously established time.

For any goal it is prudent to abandon foolish optimism, be prepared to overcome conflicts between wishes and reality; evaluate them from time to time in order to introduce changes. To avoid conflicts between desires and reality, the planning of objectives and their administration must reflect the context in which they live.

He points out that people with a great fear of failure they suffer from anxiety, that’s why they choose easy targets. “They avoid objectives with risk in average between the very easy and very difficult.

It emphasizes that the objectives of medium difficulty are chosen by people with a high need for achievement.
“Praise, money and social approval (recognition) are the most powerful incentives.
On this plane, a negative consequence can lead to frustration, that is, to a state in which an impediment from the environment or itself (bad healthd, low intelligence, etc.) prevents you from reaching the goal. The aftermath can be very unpleasant.

Other specialists advise that you should not be afraid of setting goals that may seem unattainable, because you yourself may be surprised how far you can go, taking into account that this sometimes becomes the engine for the impulse that is needed.

Success begins with being clear about what you want to achieve, because it is from where you have to determine the steps and the times it takes. You also have to be persevering and responsible so that problems Do not make them abandon the objective, it does not matter if they return to the first step over and over again, the important thing is to move forward at a steady pace.

You have to avoid excuses and pretexts, because that will only make you lose your way and you cannot move forward, therefore, it is important to be realistic and make constant evaluations to measure how far you can advance.

It is recommended that the proposed goals be framed within the personal life that each one has, take into account the work, the opportunities that may arise and the means that one has around them.

Always be open to receive advice and suggestions at all times, because along the way you can also make adjustments and direct the objectives, which will even improve the proposed goal.

Professionals emphasize that it is important to have purposes in life, because that is what every day we It drives us to get up with energy to pursue better things for personal well-being and loved ones.

To fulfill New Year’s resolutions, it is necessary to define a route that will serve as a compass for transform an idea into a reality. For this reason, it is necessary to create lists with steps by steps of what you have to do, investigate how to get from one point to another, can be a good start for our plans to work.

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