Decent vacations are already a reality: AMLO signs decree

Decent vacations are already a reality: AMLO signs decree

On December 14, the Senate of the Republic approved changes to the Federal Labor Law to extend the vacation period for workers so that from their first year of work enjoy 12 days off.

The president stressed that having more rest days will allow workers to share more time with their families.

“That the worker have the possibility of being more with their families. Family life helps a lot, the disintegration of families affects us, ”he added.

12 days of vacation, everything you need to know about the reform

To the businessmen who have been dissatisfied by the increase in vacations, the president said that the government is helping them by not increasing the price of electricity, diesel, and taxes.

The head of the Executive said that giving workers more rest days will allow them to return with more desire to carry out their work.

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