Debts, assets and capital of the ministers of the Petro government

Debts, assets and capital of the ministers of the Petro government

Since the beginning of August, shortly before starting work, the members of the Cabinet of President Gustavo Petro published in the Application for Public Integrity, their declarations of income, assets and possible conflicts of interest, as required by Law 2013 of 2019.

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The rule states that “the publication of this information will be a requirement to take office, exercise and withdraw from the position”. In addition, it must be updated every year, in order to guarantee, says the text, “the principles of transparency and publicity, and the promotion of participation and social control.”

Of all the ministers, only one, Defense, Iván Velásquez, he did not publish his income statement as such, but rather a sworn statement of assets, income and private economic activity, which, according to the regulations, is also valid.

The rest of his cabinet colleagues made public the form of Diane’s statementwith which you can access your gross assets, debts and liquid assets.

In that sense, of the entire cabinet, the one with the highest liquid assets; that is, the one that results from subtracting the liabilities (debts) from the assets (income and assets) is the Finance Minister Jose Antonio Ocampowith a total of $3,531 million pesos declared in 2020.

The second minister with the highest net worth reported in the taxable year 2020 is Alejandro Gaviria, from Education. In total, $2,850 million pesos are declared.

In contrast, the minister with the lowest net worth is Arturo Luis Luna, with $5,045,000 pesos declared in 2021. In second place is Maria Isabel Urrutia, with $67 million pesos.

In the statement of assets and income that high state officials are required to submit, the total amount of income received in 2020. This figure includes what is received for salaries and other income, severance pay and interest, representation expenses, leases and fees, among others.

In that sense, Alexander Gaviria It was the one who reported the most income in its Declaration of assets, income and conflict records, with a total of $843,276,884 pesos, coming, for the most part, from fees and salaries.

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Mauricio Toro, president of Icetex, together with the Minister of Education, Alejandro Gaviria.

Ministry of Education

The one who declared less income was the Minister of Health, Carolina Corcho. A total of $73,074,000 million appears in his declaration, which comes from fees and representation expenses.

The declarations of the ministers, in detail

In this interactive tool you will be able to consult in detail all the details of the income tax returns with which the members of the current government cabinet began their functions. In addition, you will be able to see the complete and original forms of each one.

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