debate between "caps" of brunette?  This is what they plan

debate between "caps" of brunette? This is what they plan

This call to debate was also joined by Senator Ricardo Monrealwho this Tuesday, December 6, expressed that, like the Mexican foreign minister, he also agreed that it is necessary to debate before defining the candidate who will represent Morena in the electoral process in which the next president will be defined in Mexico.

“I am grateful that my colleagues @Claudiashein and @m_ebrard take up my proposal to hold public debates and exchange ideas among the candidates to succeed the president. Dialogue always strengthens democracy so that citizens make informed decisions, ”she wrote on her Twitter account @RicardoMonrealA.

The legislator accompanied his publication with a video in which he explained that he would like to discuss central issues such as security, work and human rights.

What do the other “corcholatas” say?

Both the head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheibanum and the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, also accepted the call to debate.

On Wednesday, Adam Augusto Lopez, In a brief interview at the National Palace, he agreed to participate in a debate between “corcholatas”.

“Whenever they want, as long as it is not in violation of the law,” he said.

Later in an interview for Radio Formulathe Secretary of the Interior, declared that the debate proposal is sensible and healthy for the party facing the militants or citizens to the citizens.

“I agree, I think it is a sensible proposal that those who have aspirations, specifically speaking of the Presidency, who have expressed an interest in seeking the party’s candidacy, can debate,” he said.

This Thursday, Caludia SheinbaumIn a press conference, she said she was open to the idea of ​​participating in a debate, although she said, “we have to see how” it would take place.

“Yes (I would participate), but you have to see how. Our party has to define it, we have to see when and how it would be. Of course, to everything that Morena summons, we will be there. I haven’t thought about it to date. This possibility was raised by Marcelo Ebrard and we suggested that it would be very good, but well, the game has to define it, how and when it would be, and everything else, ”he said.

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