Deaths from traffic accidents increased by 33% during week of school break

Deaths from traffic accidents increased by 33% during week of school break

According to figures from the Directorate of Traffic and Transportation of the National Police, at least 9,749,568 vehicles have moved through the country’s roads in the last ten days, 1,670,034 in Bogotá and 3,065,763 on the roads of Cundinamarca.

According to the Transit authorities, the Columbus Day festive bridge and the week of school recess ended with 326 road accidents in the country, a figure 62 percent less than that of the same period in 2021, when 852 cases were recorded.

The Minister of Transport, Guillermo Francisco Reyes González, explained that “from the Transport sector we activated a series of measures aimed at safeguarding the lives of the citizens who mobilized on these dates, however, road accidents occurred that left the unfortunate result of the loss of life. I sympathize with the families of the victims of the accidents and we will continue working to accompany Colombians and ensure that they have quality infrastructure for their movements and measures that improve road safety,” added the senior official.

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In turn, Colonel Óscar Andrés Lamprea of ​​the Traffic and Transportation Directorate of the National Police reported that operations and checkpoints were installed to maintain security and emphasize security measures. prevention for drivers and passengers.

“The controls resulted in the application of 14,556 drunkenness tests, 119 of them positive; also through the different checkpoints 8,362 subpoenas were applied for situations such as not having a driver’s licensedriving motorcycles without observing traffic regulations and not having the mechanical technical review up to date, among other infractions,” Lamprea mentioned.

The accompaniment to the citizens, through the land transport terminals enabled, it was in charge of the Superintendence of Transportation, an entity that deployed a team of officials to enforce the rights of users.

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Additionally, in a joint effort with the Traffic and Transportation Directorate of the National Police, the Superintendency launched around 63 operations in favor of legalityon highways, tolls and transport terminals to inspect more than 1,457 vehicles.

In this regard, the superintendent of Transportation, Ayda Lucy Ospina, said that “in order to provide support and advice to users the entity under his charge served more than 60,739 users through awareness raising, guidance and mediation, measures that will continue to receive requests, complaints and claims from citizens”.

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