Death of babies in Córdoba: they investigate the detained nurse

Death of babies in Córdoba: they investigate the detained nurse

One of the many marches to ask for justice. / Photo: Laura Lescano.

Justice will investigate this Tuesday the only detainee in the framework of the cause that investigates the death of healthy babies born at the Ramón Carrillo Maternal Neonatal Hospital, in the city of Córdoba.

The nurse treats Brenda Aguero, 27 years oldwho was arrested last August 19, charged with “repeated aggravated homicide by insidious procedure”, after being accused of intentionally inoculating toxic substances into babies who later died.

The accused testifies in person, before the investigating prosecutor Raúl Garzón, according to judicial sources.

His lawyer, Luis Pareja, told Télam that they had not yet had “access to the evidence” and argued that, consequently, they do not know “what the accusation is based on.”

In this context, he did not rule out the possibility that, in the context of the investigation, he would suggest to his client that she refrain from testifying.

Likewise, the lawyer said that although there are no dates for the interdisciplinary expertise (psychological and psychiatric) requested by the prosecutor Garzón, it is likely that it will be carried out in the course of the next week.

In the meantime, The mothers, fathers and relatives of the deceased babies mobilized this Tuesday in the heart of the Cordovan capital, to demand “justice” and “changes in health policies that guarantee the lives of newborns.”

The judicial investigation was known on August 11 last from complaints by the death of five healthy babies born between March and June past.

According to official data, the babies’ deaths occurred on March 18, April 23, May 23 and another two on June 6 this year.

Preliminary expert reports determined that two babies, born on June 6, occurred due to “hyperkalemia” that it was caused by “intentionally injected excess potassium”, since other pathologies, error and malpractice in the deaths were ruled out.

In the case of the file, the former director of the Ramón Carrillo Maternal Neonatal Hospital, Liliana Asís, is accused of “omission of the duties of a public official”, as are two heads of the Neonatology area, Marta Gómez Flores and Adriana Morales.

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