Guadalupe tiene tres hijos, la menor quedó con parálisis cerebral luego de una negligencia

Death could not with his faith and his dream of defending human rights

July 8, 2022, 4:13 AM

July 8, 2022, 4:13 AM

What for some would be a reason for complaints and claims to heaven, she turns it into gratitude and learning.

María Guadalupe Montenegro Flores (52) is a ‘sui generis’ public official. She works as a human rights lawyers in the Ombudsman’s Office, and unlike many of her kind, she has been ‘adopted’ by migrantsabused women and children, etc., due to their high degree of commitment.

Her determination and struggle, in addition to difficult family situations, led her to an escalation of stress, which led to constant high blood pressure and a burst aneurysm.

It happened in February, at noon, when I was alone in the office. She faded, saw her body fallas if his soul separated from the physical envelope. And despite her trance, her faith made her pray, “My God, don’t let me die,” she said.

She was hospitalized for 21 days, ten of them in a coma, and from unconsciousness, the only thing she often said was “Maria”.

It is the name of his youngest daughter, whom calls his special girl, who was left with cerebral palsy when she was one year old, due to excesses in the application of anesthesia.

While I was bedridden, met the famous tunnel that those who have returned from the dead speak of, but unlike other versions, Guadalupe says that in this there was a very cold, terrifying sector, where he only heard crying and cries for help. “Hell exists,” she says convinced.

In that same tunnel saw her mother, who died when she was the same age as Guadalupe. “He told me that it was not time for me to be there, he took me by the hand and pulled me out, telling me to run,” he says. He also saw Maria, who was smiling at him.

In the National Health Fund (CNS) they called her Mrs. Miracle. “The doctors warned my children that I was not going to live, they were waiting for me to have a cardiorespiratory arrest because not only did the aneurysm burst, but many veins in my head,” he says.

But it was more impressive for the specialists, explains Guadalupe, that there were no sequels. He even got his voice back quickly, despite days of intubation. “In the midst of fainting I cried out to my father and he listened to me”, he gets emotional.

It never weighed that so many people appreciated it. When she came back to life and was conscious, her children told her that even Venezuelan and Colombian migrants, whom she has collaborated, organized to raise funds and help her.

He was also a victim
Guadalupe again had to be on the other side, first it was with the medical negligence of his youngest daughter, and now “inventing” silver to pay the bills, despite being insured.

He had to borrow more than ten thousand dollars for un embolization device. “The CNS must be investigated,” he acknowledges.

But in addition to the fragility of her daughter, who often convulses, and the rupture of her aneurysm, a year ago, Guadalupe and her family also had to get money wherever they could, when her son-in-law had a motorcycle accident, that to date left him with sequels in his head.

“My daughter and her husband recently they had had their daughter, who was two months old at the time. My son-in-law was healed, but he lost his memory and now he is in charge of his mother,” he shares.

The situations that she has seen in her work and the ones that she has had to live have put Guadalupe an idea that no one takes away from him, to create the Fundación Maríafor a transparent and solidary justice.

“In this life we ​​all have a purpose that God has given us, let’s try to find it through him. I saw death, but I have life thanks to the mercy of the Lord, I know there is a purpose behind it,” he says.

hard childhood
She grew up in the countryside, the daughter of a sugar mill worker, as a child she saw her mother wash the clothes of her eight children at night and in the open when the cold penetrated the bones.

He asked her why she washed in such a climate, and she told him “because I didn’t study”. Since then, against all odds, Guadalupe has insisted on studyingbut always in something related to the defense of human rights.

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