Deadline to issue or regularize title ends Wednesday

Deadline to issue or regularize title ends Wednesday

Anyone who wants to vote in the 2022 elections has until next Wednesday (4) to issue or regularize their voter registration. This is the legal deadline for the Electoral Court to complete the registration of the entire electorate eligible to vote in October.Deadline to issue or regularize title ends Wednesday

The same period applies to those who want to transfer the electoral domicile, changing the municipality where they vote, as well as to include the social name in the voter registration card – in the case of transsexuals and transvestites. The date is also valid for the elderly and people with reduced mobility to request the transfer of the polling place to an accessible section.

As in every electoral cycle, the search to regularize the situation of the title has increased with the proximity of the deadline, which led the Electoral Courts of several states to extend the opening hours. functioning of notaries electoral.

It is worth remembering, however, that all procedures related to the voter registration card, including the issuance of the document for the first time, can be carried out entirely onlinewithout the need to leave the house, through the Online service to the voter.

Through the internet, it is possible, for example, to pay late electoral fines and request a review of data in the case of canceled titles. According to the Electoral Justice, more than 6 million titles were canceled from 2018 to 2021.

This can happen, for example, when the voter does not attend the vote or justify his absence for three consecutive elections, despite meeting the mandatory voting criteria.

However, those who had the title canceled for failing to review the electorate and collect biometrics in their state need not worry. Last month, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) suspended the effects of the cancellation due to the continuity of the covid-19 pandemic. In this way, voters in this situation will be able to vote normally in October.

To verify and resolve disputes related to the title, the voter must have documents such as the registration of an individual. In some cases, it is necessary to take photos of the face and documents, including ID and proof of residence, to request certain procedures. All information is available at Electoral Justice portal.

The deadline for issuing or modifying information related to the voter registration card is a result of the Elections Law, which provides for the closing of the electoral register 150 days before the election. This year, the closing date is May 5th.

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