Deadline for submitting the annual MEI declaration ends today

Deadline for submitting the annual MEI declaration ends today

Individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) have until this Thursday (30) to settle accounts with Leão. The deadline for submitting the Simplified Annual Declaration for Individual Microentrepreneurs (DASN-MEI) ends today.Deadline for submitting the annual MEI declaration ends today

THE DASN-MEI must be delivered even by the person who sent the Individual Income Tax Return, whose deadline ended on May 31. Anyone who acted as MEI in any period of 2021 must deliver the document. Anyone who became an individual microentrepreneur in 2022 should only complete the declaration in 2023.

If the self-employed professional is ending activities as MEI, he must also send the document. In this case, you must choose the Special Declaration option. DASN-MEI is available at Simples Nacional page on the Internet.

In the declaration, the MEI must inform the total gross revenue obtained from the activity in 2021. The microentrepreneur that was active, but did not earn last year, must fill in the amount R$ 0.00 and complete the declaration. Anyone who hired an employee in 2021 must mark yes in the field that appears on the form.

Who fills in the Monthly Report of Gross Revenues have the job made easy. Just add the values ​​for each month and inform the statement.

Although it should not be delivered to any public agency, the Monthly Gross Revenue Report must be completed by the 20th of the month following sales or services. The document must be archived for at least five years, along with the purchase and sale invoices.

Those who did not complete the monthly report can calculate the gross revenue of the previous year through the sum of the invoices. However, it will be more work than whoever entered the numbers in the month-by-month report.

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