"De Colombia pa'l mundo": Palpito is Netflix's number 1 series

“De Colombia pa’l mundo”: Palpito is Netflix’s number 1 series

Actor Sebastián Martínez was proud of this achievement, making ‘Palpito’ one of the most watched series at the moment.

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Palpito, a series that deals with illegal organ trafficking in Colombia, is in first place in the ranking of the most watched series on Netflix today.

The production recorded in our country with a cast of exceptional actors, including Sebastián Martínez, Ana Lucía Domínguez and Michell Brown, has received great acceptance from the public that loves the streaming platform and is at the top of “the most viewed ».

Sebastián Martínez himself publicized this recognition for a series “made in Colombia” on his Instagram account.

The Argentine actor, Michell Brown, also celebrated this achievement.

Meanwhile, Leonardo Padrón, creator of the story, thanked the public for the comments and also the actors who brought the characters of this story to life.

The plot

Camila (Ana Lucía Domínguez), wife of Zacarías (Sebastián Martínez) is the beneficiary of a heart transplant.

This organ belonged to Valeria (Margarita Muñoz), wife of Simón (Michel Brown), who was murdered by a gang dedicated to this illegal activity to extract the vital organ in order to sell it to Zacarías.

Camila is transplanted and becomes obsessed with knowing who her donor was. Simon for his part, plans to take revenge on those who killed his sentimental partner.

Later, Zacaría’s wife discovers that she has Valeria’s heart and decides to get away from Simon.

She questions and suspects Zacarias’ involvement in her transplant.

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