Daysi Torres presents credentials as ambassador to the Nicolás Maduro regime

The former mayor of Managua and new Ortega ambassador to the Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela, Daysi Torres, presented this Tuesday the letters that accredit her as the representative of the dictator Daniel Ortega before the Venezuelan dictator.

Torres, was appointed by Ortega in that diplomatic position on March 24, through presidential agreement 33-2023, published in the official newspaper La Gaceta.

The new ambassador of the Nicaraguan dictatorship was received by Maduro at Casa de Miraflores, the seat of that Government, and without further speeches, other than with the protocol established for these purposes, she presented the documents that accredit her in office.

Torres is a journalist by profession and spent his career in Ortega’s propaganda apparatus during the time of the “government from below” of Sandinismo. After her return to power in 2007, she was appointed as vice mayor and then as mayor of Managua, although without much significance, since she never exercised authority in her building position, so her position was classified as ” decorative”.

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The appointment of Torres, who is making his debut in diplomacy without professional training for it, is part of a series of moves in his diplomatic corps that Ortega has made in recent months, trying to locate his loyal chips before totalitarian governments such as the same Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Iran and China, the allies of the dictator of Nicaragua.

In the diplomatic arena, Ortega has lurched after lurched, fighting with former allies and neighbors such as Taiwan, with whom he broke diplomatic relations and confiscated its assets in the country, he has also fought with Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, the United States , the European Union and others.

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Her figurative political career began in 2008 when she was “elected” in disputed municipal elections as vice mayor and running mate of world boxing legend Alexis Argüello.

After the strange death of Argüello, in July 2009, Torres was appointed mayor and remained in that position to complete the term of the late boxer and one more term.

After culminating, without pain or glory, her position in the capital’s mayor’s office was sent to “the shadow” to reappear in the national votes of 2021, with the position of departmental president of the Electoral Council, a position from which she contributed to endorsing the fraud with which his boss, the dictator Ortega, prevailed for a fourth consecutive term in government.

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