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Days go by…

And the honorable fail to vote their accusatory libel

“Nobody resists a cannon shot of 50,000 pesos.” The phrase of Alvaro Obregón, Mexican president and revolutionary leader of the 1920s, is highly topical a century after it was pronounced. Obregón had verified that a stronghold could be bombarded for days without breaking it. But a suitcase full of money addressed to the right general works miracles. And 50.00 Mexican pesos at that time was a huge fortune.

What else can the citizen think when he sees, day by day, how the attempt to impeach the Attorney General of the State is crumbling and dissolving? They took all the time in the world to complete the background folder. They took the issue to extraordinary plenary sessions of the Chamber of Deputies. Fast-paced speeches were heard substantiating each of the points of accusation. Naturally, the debate that followed each of them had everything from earnestly formulated rebuttals to low-brow skits.

The parliamentary technique admits many resources. When the potatoes burn, the affected person grabs what he can. For example, not giving a quorum to frustrate a plenary. It is the moment in which accounting does its work, collating the votes for, against and, above all, the undecided, the key to overturning a result. The artillery is aimed at them.

That breaking point hangs over the political trial of the FGE from the beginning. The initial stage of formulation and presentation of the accusatory libel could have ended in the second week.

But on Monday the third round of sessions begins and nothing is clear yet. What is clear is that as time passes without reaching the point of conclusion, the opportunities increase to overturn the parity of votes, in one way or another.
In the attempted trial of Sandra Quiñónez there is a direct objective and another by elevation. The first, her dismissal given her questionable management at the head of the FGE. And the second, that the successor in office open the corresponding investigations on former president Horacio Cartes based on the complaint presented at the time before the public ministry.

To the extent that the deputies delay the formulation of their accusation and fail to vote on sending it to the Senate, there will be time to listen to a few more cannon shots, although this time, they will be in US dollars.

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