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“Day of the Paraguayan Fiscal Agent” with the approval of Deputies

The regulations declare May 10 of each year as “Day of the Paraguayan Fiscal Agent”, in commemoration of the date of death of the agent of the Public Ministry assassinated in Colombia.

“This is the first martyr of Paraguayan justice,” legislator Sebastián Villarejo (PPQ-Capital) said with reference to this tribute.

In addition, it empowers the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ); to the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC); and to the other institutions, the annual celebration of said date.

It should be remembered that Marcelo Pecci worked in the Public Ministry of our country as a Specialized Agent Against Organized Crime, with experience in the Units Against Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.

The document under study highlights that he was one of the fiscal agents designated in large-scale cases and investigations, mainly related to drug trafficking.

“Prosecutor Marcelo Daniel Pecci Albertini was assassinated in the most atrocious way, becoming the first prosecutor assassinated in the framework of investigations against drug trafficking and organized crime. His death has moved the entire national and international community, as could be seen from the multiple extended communications, ”refers to the project.

After the approval of the plenary session of the Lower House, the initiative was sent to the Senate.

The entrance “Day of the Paraguayan Fiscal Agent” with the approval of Deputies was first published in diary TODAY.

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